Mystery Materials Craft Challenge – Challenge Accepted!

After a very long vacation from blogging, I’m baaackkk.  And I have my great friend, Kelli, to thank for the inspiration.  She hosted a party with a craft challenge theme, appropriately titled the “Mystery Materials Craft Challenge.”  You can read more about it here, but you basically take the cooking competition, Chopped, and replace the mystery ingredients and top chefs with mystery craft materials and good friends.

A few weeks before the party, where we would ultimately unveil our crafts, Kelli delivered the requisite mystery materials along with the craft theme to each of us.  The supplies included cupcake liners, pink twine, craft tags, and (the trickiest of them all) cotton balls.  Ohhh, those pesky cotton balls.  The theme was Valentine’s Day, which was perfectly appropriate since the party was planned to take place one week before Valentine’s Day.  Assuming I could pull something together in time for the party, I was excited to have a festive decoration for the season when all was said and done.
Required supplies

Now what could I do with these supplies?  Not that I tried to find an inspiration online or anything.  But if I did, all a hypothetical of course, I can tell you that there is not a single craft out there (that is not a toddler craft) that incorporates all of these supplies.  I’m talking to you, cotton balls.

Well, in the absence of any obvious Valentine-y ideas, I thought back to an idea I wanted to do for some time now.  Upcycling an old cookie sheet!  This definitely seemed like something I could tackle, especially when the bulk of the work would took place the morning of the party.

First, I dug out the old cookie sheet I hadn’t used in ages.  The only thing keeping me from tossing it is the possibility that I would one day upcycle it.  Here was my chance!  I quickly scrubbed off any remaining particles that remained and wiped it off with a couple of Clorox wipes to remove any lingering grease before painting it.

Old burnt cookie sheet

Next, I gathered the other supplies I needed to transform the brown burnt stains into something a bit more pink and flowery.  The only thing I added to my craft supplies for this challenge with the heart-shaped paper punch.  I had a bunch of scrapbook paper on hand as well as the Mod Podge and Clear Gloss from previous projects.  I was excited to try out the chalkboard paint a neighbor had given me a couple of years ago that I had yet to open.  Let’s get started!

Extra supplies

After Alister helped me punch out the hearts of the scrapbook paper and I cleaned the cookie sheet, I painted two coats of chalkboard paint on each side of the cookie sheet.  It only took about 30 minutes to dry between coats, so I took care of this step during nap time.

Chalkboard paint

Using the heart-shaped cutouts, I applied them to the painted top side with Mod Podge.  I cut the cupcake liners into hearts and applied them on top.  Next, what to do with the twine, craft tag, and cotton balls?  I had grand plans to spell something out with the twine, like LOVE and shape one of the cotton balls into a heart for the “O,” but I was pulling this together the morning of the party and did not have that kind of time.

Instead, I took a few twigs, tied them together with the pink twine and attached the craft tag.  At the top of the twigs, in lieu of flowers, I applied the same heart-shaped cutouts with cotton ball pieces in between layers to create a layered effect.  Ta da!  Here’s a glimpse at the finished product.  Just a light spray of gloss on top to seal everything and I was ready for the party.

Decoupage side

Chalkboard side

That evening, we had a great time, catching up, enjoying Kelli’s delicious spread of sweet and savory goodies and Bourbon Furnaces, and sharing our crafty take on the required materials.  It was so much fun to see how everyone used the supplies.  Here’s a look at the entries displayed on the table.  But if you want to see each individual entry, you can check them out over here on Kelli’s blog.

MMCC entries

Thanks again to the lovely host for putting together such a fun event.  Here’s a look at my entry in action…  bribing serving up treats to the judges!  Cheers!

Ready to serve!


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  1. […] to create something with them.  I used the opportunity to transform an old cookie sheet into a serving tray.  But since I spent the morning of the party pulling that craft together, I knew there was a […]

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