Mystery Materials Craft Challenge – Challenge Accepted! AGAIN!

As you know, I recently participated in a Valentine-themed craft challenge, where we were given mystery materials and a theme and challenged to create something with them.  I used the opportunity to transform an old cookie sheet into a serving tray.  But since I spent the morning of the party pulling that craft together, I knew there was a chance I would show up empty-handed if I didn’t have the time.

As a reminder, the theme was Valentine’s Day and the required materials included mini cupcake liners, pink twine, craft tags, and (gasp!) cotton balls.

Required supplies

So I thought about it and decided that I could use all of the required materials, my new heart-shaped paper punch, and some paint samples to create a heart banner.

Heart punches

Once again, my little assistant, Alister, helped me punch out the hearts and then I was in business.  I glued them back-to-back and placed cotton from the cotton balls between each pair of hearts.  Then, I cut the craft tag into strips and pulled apart the pink twine to decorate the little hearts.

Heart banner

Finally, I strung it up on the mantle and our living room instantly had a sweet taste of Valentine’s Day.

Heart banner

Happy Valentine’s Day!  ❤


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