One Month, Two Month, Red Month, Blue Month – DIY Monthly Onesies

When I was pregnant with Alister, a friend told me about a baby shower gift her sister received that consisted of 12 onesies, one for each month of the first year.  A month or so later, I welcomed Alister into the world and as his first month came to a close, I thought back to how I loved the monthly onesie idea.

I started searching for monthly onesies to purchase online, and I stumbled across free printables allowing me to make the onesies myself.  Requiring only cutting and ironing skills, I thought I could tackle this project.  The printable allowed you to print the decals onto stickers, but I liked the look of the onesies from the blog behind the free printable, so I went ahead and purchased the following supplies to complete the iron-on onesies:

  • Iron-on printer paper – Staples
  • Color printer ink (only because it was running low on our printer) – Staples
  • 3-4 pack white onesies (NB, 3M, 6M, 9M) – Target

First, I printed the printable onto the iron-on printer paper.  The printable provided different colors as well as the mirror-image of the print to accommodate iron-on paper.  The printable is also set up to give you four months per page, so this only required three pages of iron-on paper.

Next, I cut around the circles of each image allowing a sliver of white paper to remain around the object.

Now for the ironing.  I placed a pillowcase on the ironing board and ran the hot iron over it for about 20 seconds.  Then I placed the new, clean white onesie on the pillowcase with the front side up and ran the hot iron over the onesie for about 20-30 seconds.  Finally, I grabbed the monthly circle and placed it face down on the front of the onesie, trying to place it in the chest/belly region.  I ran the iron over the paper, back and forth, for about 30-45 seconds.

When I was finished ironing, I took the hot onesie off the ironing board to expedite the cooling process.  About five to 10 minutes later, the onesie had cooled and I could peel the paper away, leaving a bright image behind.

Now it was time to dress my little buddy in his new onesie for his monthly photoshoot!  Here’s our little Zoolander at six months…

Two side notes:

(1) So far, I tend to wash the onesies before ironing on the image and Alister only wears the onesie for the photos.  That said, I do not know if the ink bleeds when you throw it into the wash after wearing it.  I’m sure there is a clever way to secure the ink so it does not bleed, but I have not tried it out myself.

(2) I had good intentions of ironing on all the months to the age-appropriate onesie at the same time.  But when his first month birthday rolled around and I found myself scrambling to pull this together that day, I changed my plans and opted to do one month at a time.  In the end, I found I liked this method as it provided flexibility if Alister was too small or too big for the estimated size.


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2 thoughts on “One Month, Two Month, Red Month, Blue Month – DIY Monthly Onesies

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