Well it’s been about five years since I was a regular to the blogosphere, and the focus of this blog versus my last attempt is representative of all that has taken place over those years. 

Five years ago, I was living with my best friend just blocks from the Capitol building in Washington DC, where we were committed to capturing and mocking the adventures that took place in our young, single, “professional” lives.  If you wanted to read about twenty-somethings who worked a lot, played a lot, and slept very little, that was the blog for you.

Fast forward five years.  No longer single.  No longer living with my best friend on the Hill.  No longer thatyoungBut still embarking on life’s adventures.  This time with my two best buds – my husband and my son.  My husband, Justin, and I have been married two and a half years now, almost to the day.  And this past April, we welcomed a baby boy, Alister, who has quickly won over our hearts as well as all our free time. 

Over my three months of maternity leave, as exhausting as it was, it occurred to me that I had not taken three months “off” since summer vacation in middle or high school.  Even then, there was some sort of structure with dance or swimming practice or a summer job.  Despite being at the mercy of my newborn son’s needs, I found myself looking for little things I could do to feel a sense of accomplishment in what otherwise started to resemble a scene out of Groundhog Day.  Don’t get me wrong, I love, love, LOVE being a mother and I wouldn’t change it for the world, but it does not change my predisposed type-A nature (or what used to be type-A before I was spontaneously “okay” with having spit-up down my shirt and the living room full of baby bouncers and rockers). 

Coincidently, over this same three-month period, I decided to explore the Pinterest craze that I had avoided until then.  This seemed to open my eyes to all the ways I can waste time projects I can realistically complete while simultaneously learning to parent.  I started small by resolving to cook dinner more.  I had all but ignored the notion of cooking in the previous months as I became a self-proclaimed expert of preparing and consuming things using one-hand, namely smoothies.  Then I started baking a little more, which I realize is not the ideal project if you ever want to see your pre-maternity clothes again.  The next thing I know, I am packing Alister up in the car and taking regular trips to Michaels to pick up a few things.  All the while, I hesitantly tell Justin about each time I want to start a “Pinterest project” as he shares the same sentiment as Honest Toddler – “Spend less than 15 minutes a day on Pinterest. Use 14 of those minutes searching for new cake recipes. Bake that cake.”

Anyway, I do not see this search for projects going away anytime soon – (Justin, just think of all the cookies you get to try along the way!) – and I hope to share my experiences in baking, crafting, and parenting as I learn while I go.  If anything else, I’m sure this will just be one more medium to sneak in photos of Alister.

– Emily

P.S. A little about the name of my blog.  It was a nickname my parents gave me when I was little and with, well, short pockets.  My older sister was “Short Pockets #1,” I was “Short Pockets #2,” and my younger sister was “Short Pockets #3.”  See a trend?  So clever. 

For whatever reason, maybe it was something about being the middle child, but mine was the only one that really stuck. Now that I have a “short pockets” of my own, I thought it would be an appropriate title for this blog.


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